Monthly Archives: August 2017

Farewell Peter!

Last week we had to say goodbye to our very own Peter Lee, who is starting as a CS major at Georgia Tech this fall.  Peter, who has been working with the Buckley Lab since June of 2015, has played a crucial role in the creation of our DCS probe, and we can’t thank him enough for all of the hard work he has put in! We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors, and don’t forget to visit us!


3rd Annual Buckley & Yunker Labs BBQ


Early this month, the Buckley Lab and the Yunker lab came together for this summer’s 3rd annual Buckley and Yunker Labs BBQ.  Food, friends, and fun equaled an awesome end to an even better summer.  We wish the Yunker lab luck for this upcoming semester – we will see you again next year!